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you know how what about other countries of course it's not just germany that's playing a pivotal role in this how do we know how they are preparing for a potential disorderly exit as it looks now that might happen on may twenty twenty ninth well the chancellor said that basically all countries are taking a number of measures for example they are increasing the number of customs personnel that they have available they are putting into place legal measures that would allow flight traffic to continue that would allow the transport of goods commercial transport and logistics to continue so a number of different back up measures for the event of a no deal nonetheless she pointed out and no deal would have very negative implications also for germany and actually the implications for germany would be more negative than for most other e.u. member countries so germany truly does have an interest here in seeing that a deal is reached so lots of contingency plans already in place but it is
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a lose lose if no deal actually takes place well enough thank you so much please stand by because we're waiting for that press conference to get underway in brussels and that will get your take as well but for now it has been about two and a half years since britain's political future radically changed and in spite of verbal issued reassurances from both brussels and london that there is little that's been put in writing when it comes to the rights of british residents in the european union one hundred thousand british citizens live right here in germany and they're concerned about how their lives will change on bricks a day. back and forth and back and forth. off the backs of negotiations negotiations that are seriously trying the relations between the european union and the british government especially since the second deal fell through in the british house of commons.
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order is what jenny hayhurst has been looking for since the bricks of referendum kicked in in twenty fifteen a year before the referendum the british student moved to berlin for her masters degree now she's unsure what she'll be facing once she finishes studying the majority of my time spent in germany has been not knowing what the future is going to hold for me here which adds to all the uncertainty that you have as a young person anyway so i would say people are highly highly frustrated with uncertainty looming jenny hayhurst has decided to take action as part of the initiative british in germany she's fighting to help secure u.k. citizens rights abroad her worst fear and no deal breck says she and many others will lose their residence status overnight the advice she hears most often just give up your passport i mean not only are there racial reasons why i wouldn't like
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to give up my british i'm british why would i want to give up my british passport there's also really practical reasons i want to go back in the future and visit my family of my parents and i want to stay and care for them for a long period of time i would have to fulfil very strict requirements income requirements criminal record requirements the list goes on and on for these reasons jenny hayhurst and many other british citizens want their fate off the backs of negotiation table but not bargaining chips with people and the most important thing is to recognise that this is about how we live our lives and we need to have to give in some way out of this uncertainty at the moment and we need our rights to be secured. so while politicians on both sides of the break that negotiations wind up the rhetoric e.u. citizens in the u.k. so don't know what will happen to them will there be a hard bricks it a softer brick or no brags that at all on more than three million people will be affected some of whom have been calling the u.k. home for decades. karen meter has just returned from school run with her children
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just like she does every school day she lives in four to north east london but her routine is about to be totally overturned because of pricks it had to make personnel decisions in terms of whether to stay in my job and relocate or try and find another job in england karen is from is tonja and works for the european medicines agency just a few underground stops away in cannery wharf but at the beginning of march the e.m.a.'s relocated to amsterdam because britain is leaving the e.u. i really like my job i enjoy working. and do what i do so i took the decision that i want to relocate with my employer because it had been working for them for quite some time already so it's a move to amsterdam in the summer but life will be complicated cara needs to keep her foot in the u.k. after she broke up with her partner their father insists the children visit to mn
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london never really baby any attention to securing my stay in you like pretty sore or anything like that i was european living here but as a result of. start thinking about my future the prime minister has offered settled status to europeans are already living in britain but they have to apply for to iraq crissy can make it difficult my keyboard from the sri million initiative a lobby group fighting for e.u. citizens rights says huge and security people are in complete limbo people are depressed. upset they're very angry now. can make plans people don't know whether their job will go whether they can bring that old parents into this country because if there's a cliff in a couple of weeks time or whenever then we just don't know what our legal status is has she lost hope that things could still turn out alright well we're still
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fighting and lobbying and producing things like this to keep you citizens out of the rain will be stormy weather so these are windproof rain proof pretty well keep three point six million people drive there's still no recipe for breaks it but karen has made her decision as a single mother she needs her income and security and all the paperwork for u.k. status citizenships of passports for the children must come later i'm really sad to leave a leave england because obviously we've built quite a nice life here in the a very settled here but. but they're just that fix it it just doesn't leave you many choices you're going to go the netherlands. you want to hear. you're going to learn another language. all. let's bring up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the
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world. follow brazilian presidents michelle to america has been arrested in connection with a large scale corruption investigation prosecutors say it's a mare was arrested on charges related to alleged graft in the construction of a nuclear power plant to mare was president from twenty sixteen to twenty eighteen has denied any wrongdoing. at least five people have died and more than twenty have been injured in a series of blasts in the afghan capital kabul the explosions occurred near a shiite shrine as people gather to mark the persian new year police say the bombs were detonated remotely. but israeli forces have reportedly arrested the chief of staff of opposition leader one roberto mario was taken into custody during a raid on his caracas home the u.s. and other countries recognize mr garrido as interim president and have warned venezuela's government not to arrest him or his aides.
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iraq's second largest city mosul is mourning the death of more than seventy people killed after an overloaded ferry sank it happened on the tigris river just a few feet from the shore the vessel was reportedly packed with families celebrating the new news new year holiday from the start of spring relatives have been gathering to check if their loved ones are among those that drowned. well that's a get more on this developing story i'm now joined by flora noir hoff a journalist who lived in iraq for two years and knows mosul a very well a floor in a horrifying accident that has unfolded there today do we know what caused it well there have been reports very early on that boat with buffy overcrowd it. and now we have to have had a iraqi politician come out and say that boat which we've only been carrying of the most fifty people i've heard in fact around two hundred at the same time with
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a rainy season iraq was moving at a very fast pace and the current is very strong so suggesting that the boat capsized because of those conditions tragically there were a lot of children and women on that boat because they were trying to retrace in a park on an island in the tigris so many of the majority of that are women and children because it's a holiday there of course it's a holiday there and the first day of spring people trying to enjoy some of the normalcy that has returned to mosul because as you know better than anybody else the people of mosul have suffered through so much years of war the city being. under occupation of the so-called islamic state just recently liberated and now they have to deal with this that's right i. was under i thought a place from where three months the battle to retake it from the jihadists took months and there was they had a big part of the city. i actually have been to this area it's an amusement park
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area where for restaurants cafes leisure activities even a year off the battle was over are already people coming to enjoy their lives after all this hardship when i visited the place for the last year the place was buzzing and it's very tragic that this should have happened in an era which for signifies the resurgence of the revival of with all after all this years of hardship florian noire hof thank you so much for that update greatly appreciate it. all right and we want to take you back to our top story here to brussels where we're still waiting for donald to schedule include younger to come out and brief the press on what they have decided to do were guarding the delay of the brakes of delay so in the meantime let's bring in. brussels borough chief who is at the summit venue we're still waiting for an update to the remind us again max there has been some
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news coming out on a potential delay date. and surprisingly they're running late which is not unusual for these e.u. summit but we basically know what they're going to say if it doesn't change at the last minute and that seems unlikely because we have seen the draft conclusions regarding bragg's it and they state that they would grant an extension of the so-called article fifty period so this is just another way of saying they would help delay bragg's it until the twenty second of may but there are strings attached to do this they would want the house of commons next week to approve the withdrawal agreement that was negotiated over the past years something that the house of commons has already refused twice to do so there is reason to believe you or they might do it a third time so why such a short extension because theresa may went in there demanding until the thirtieth of june with the simple reason is that the elections the european elections take place from the twenty third to the twenty sixth of may and if the brits don't take
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part of this but are technically speaking still part of the european union the legal implications aren't entirely clear and that is something that the leaders want to avoid because their top priority is to have the e.u. institutions all functioning because many of them believe that they have other problems besides bribes so is there a plan b. i'm just wondering is a contingency plan because the likelihood that the m.p.'s will rubber stamp her deal just seems so unlikely. there i don't know if you can call it a contingency plan but if they they don't rubber stamp it as you as you describe it then there they have announced there will be a special summit next thursday here in brussels to talk about what to do now that the thinking is they might grant an even longer extension but then the u.k. would have to participate in the european elections but of course the u.k. would have to ask for that and we don't even know if to resume
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a will be. the prime minister in in a week's time so it really becomes completely unpredictable and you know there are i don't know five hundred journalists here maybe even a thousand and. each one of them everyone will give you a different theory and the bottom line is we just don't know this whole thing has become unpredictable and that's what makes it so dangerous because you cannot exclude no deal bragg's it anymore it is that the fault option to not have a no deal brags that next friday the house of commons will have to decide something they haven't been very good at that lately they have not to put it mildly are at max i hofman up for us at the e.u. summit please stand by i will go to you as soon as that press conference that gets underway for now thank you. all right while we shift our focus now to southern africa where rescue workers in mozambique have widened the search for survivors of
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a powerful a cycling that ripped through southern africa one week ago causing devastating floods and turning mozambique's worst hit area of beirut in an inland as seen more than two hundred forty people are confirmed dead in the country and several thousand more still need to be rescued search efforts have been hampered by a broken infrastructure and more rain is expected in the coming days. we are now joined by solid butters he is assistant director for mozambique for the aid organization care he joins us from the city in the puto a very good evening sara working you tell us about the ongoing rescue efforts. they're all over. the water that was really hurting our. health and well saved by. the estimated size of the flooding is now under twenty five kilometers about twenty of them it was is a huge area where people are still stuck in traffic zones of groups and there's
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a limited help with helicopter capacity. received since i really could see the rebel doing work and to try to say how is your organization coping with the scale of this disaster. is there. is a good question we are doing well we can't just start getting relief to those people that need it and we started up ration is. essential supplies to the. holiness of the shelter the substance. was of fear of flying equipment. and was another agencies of providing food and hired to this gives us the whole food program. for care at the beginning of war use that civilian extremely grown.


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